JMP Pro License Files

If you have installed JMP and receive an error message that your license has expired, please download and apply the appropriate renewal file below. For instructions on how to apply your JMP license, see Applying Your JMP License – Windows or Applying Your JMP License – Macintosh. You will need to log in with your USC NetID username and password in order to download these files.

NOTE: If you are running a version of JMP that you received from your department or copy that you have purchased from a vendor, you will need to contact your department or vendor for the correct software license.

Determining Your JMP Site ID

If you are using JMP Pro for Mac, you will need to determine your software site ID in order to download the correct license renewal file. To determine your JMP site ID:

  1. Launch JMP Pro.
  2. From the Help menu, select About JMP.
  3. The site number will appear.

Downloading Your License File

NOTE: Due to differences in the way browsers handle these files, ITS suggests you use either the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser to download your license renewal files.

To download a license file below:

  1. Click the license file for your software site ID.
  2. If you haven’t already signed into your USC NetID account, you will be asked to enter your USC NetID username and password.
  3. A page with the text of the license file will appear. Right-click this page and choose Save Page As… (Firefox) or Save As…(Chrome).
  4. Save the license as a text file on your desktop.

License Renewal Files for Faculty

Please send an email to to request the license files.

License Renewal Files for Students

JMP Pro 15.1

JMP Pro 14